Honduras is a significant player in the global coffee industry, producing a substantial amount of Arabica coffee beans. The country’s favorable geographical location, with mountainous regions and fertile soils, creates ideal conditions for coffee cultivation. The coffee-growing regions in Honduras are primarily found in the western and central areas, including Copán, Santa Barbara, and Comayagua.

Honduras Premium

Honduran coffee is characterized by its medium body, bright acidity, and a diverse range of flavors. The cup often exhibits fruity and floral notes, alongside hints of chocolate and nutty undertones. The quality of Honduran coffee has improved significantly in recent years, as local farmers and cooperatives have embraced sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

The coffee industry plays a crucial role in Honduras’ economy, providing employment opportunities for thousands of farmers and supporting the livelihoods of many rural communities. Additionally, efforts to enhance coffee processing and infrastructure have contributed to the growth of the specialty coffee market in Honduras, enabling the country to gain recognition among discerning coffee consumers worldwide.

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Over a lengthy 3-year process, we designed and perfected a new way to roast coffee. We fully develop the coffee while keeping the roast before first crack. The chemical reactions that normally occur later in the roast cycle, we have been able to stimulate earlier while keeping the roast prolife very light.This coffee will age incredibly well and we have age tested coffee up to 2 years old with exceptional results. We have a passion for coffee and love sharing it with you.