Revelation Blend

Perfect for milk coffee

Introducing our Coffee Blend Revelation originally only our wholesale customer could access this incredible blend. – an exceptional darker roast that redefines your coffee experience, sweet without that bitter aftertaste! Crafted with the finest coffee beans from Colombia, Peru, and Brazil, this exquisite blend is a symphony of flavors that will delight even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.

At the heart of our Coffee Blend Revelation lies the perfect harmony of carefully selected beans from three renowned coffee-growing regions. From Colombia, we’ve sourced beans with their distinct fruity and caramel notes, while the Brazilian beans bring a smooth and velvety texture that complements the other elements, resulting in a truly balanced and sophisticated blend.

Unlike typical dark roasts that often leave a bitter aftertaste, our Coffee Blend Revelation has been masterfully roasted to perfection, ensuring a smooth, velvety, and satisfying cup every time. Say goodbye to the harsh bitterness and hello to a rich and indulgent experience reminiscent of the finest dark chocolate.


250g – $19 / 500g – $31 / 1kg – $45

Shipping $9 free when you spend over $80


Over a lengthy 3-year process, we designed and perfected a new way to roast coffee. We fully develop the coffee while keeping the roast before first crack. The chemical reactions that normally occur later in the roast cycle, we have been able to stimulate earlier while keeping the roast prolife very light.This coffee will age incredibly well and we have age tested coffee up to 2 years old with exceptional results. We have a passion for coffee and love sharing it with you.