Gold Coast

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129 – 133 Olsen Ave, Labrador

Labrador is our full restaurant and coffee roastery.

Fully licensed restaurant and coffee roastery.
Amazing food, amazing coffee, sit and relax in our beautiful cafe.


1 Griffith Way, Southport

Fully enclosed playground.

Let the kids run around while you sip on an award winning coffee and eat a delicious bagel.

True passion for coffee

Award winning coffee that we roast in-house paired with a delicious and fresh menu made by our exceptional chefs.

vegan-beny 1-min


BMC Latte Art 2-min


Waffle-spesh 1-min


Life is stressful and sometimes you just need a little bit of time to enjoy something delicious.

How to choose a good cup of coffee?

Choose a high-quality, freshly roasted bean and brew it properly for a delicious cup of coffee….

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Learn How To Make Delicious Coffee, Have Fun, And Get Employed!

Customer reviews

"I love this cafe! The coffee is consistently delicious, the staff is always friendly and accommodating, the atmosphere is relaxing and cosy. I highly recommend it."
Emma Bartley