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129 – 133 Olsen Ave, Labrador

Labrador is our full restaurant and coffee roastery.
Fully licensed restaurant and coffee roastery.
Amazing food, amazing coffee, sit and relax in our beautiful cafe.

Our flagship location has a fully operational coffee roastery that we use to supply the coffee for our own store and retail for your home.We have full a kitchen pumping out some of the most delicious food in the area!

129-133 Olsen Ave,
Gold Coast


1 Griffith Way, Southport

Fully enclosed playground.

Let the kids run around while you sip on an award winning coffee and eat a delicious bagel.

Our store is situated in Southport, in close proximity to Crestwood, and it is attached to Southport Church of Christ.

We have a fully enclosed playground that is a massive hit and our deck is beautiful for a more relaxed meeting space. We have a small menu and some amazing cabinet food that gets made at our Labrador store and transported daily.

1 Griffith Way,
Gold Coast