For this event you will pay a deposit of $150.

We can host your party from $150 (according to the package chosen). The $150 deposit will be subtracted from your total bill and you can pay the remainder the week before.

Our packages are for 10-12 children, but additional platters can be added (to cater for more kids and/or adults). Adult guests can also purchase food and beverages from our café on the day of the event.

Our catering service offers competitive pricing. While we do not permit outside food to be brought in, you are welcome to bring your own cake for the celebration.

* If you have any specific requests, such as dietary requirements, additional platters, or games, please include them in the “Additional Information” notes during checkout.

* This calendar is separated into two timetables. Please look at:
Timetable A – to book a Party on Saturday at 9am or 11:30am or on Sunday at 12pm
Timetable B – to book a Party on Saturday at 9:30am or on Sunday at 12:30pm

* If you are looking for our Private Party booking page (2pm Saturdays) click here. 

*If your date doesn’t display a time for you to choose it means that there isn’t any availability left on that day**

**If the calendar doesn’t load. Sometimes you’ll just need to reload the page**