Nicaragua is renowned for producing high-quality coffee beans, which are a staple of the country’s economy and culture. The coffee industry in Nicaragua is primarily centered around Arabica beans, grown in the fertile volcanic soils of the northern regions like Jinotega and Matagalpa, as well as the hilly regions in the south. These geographic factors, along with the country’s unique climate, contribute to the distinctive flavors found in Nicaraguan coffee.

Nicaraguan coffee is characterized by its medium to full body, well-balanced acidity, and subtle yet complex flavors. Notes of cocoa, caramel, citrus, and floral undertones are often present in the cup. The cultivation methods in Nicaragua emphasize sustainability and traditional farming practices, leading to environmentally friendly coffee production.

Farmers in Nicaragua often take pride in their coffee cultivation, employing careful harvesting and processing techniques to maintain the beans’ quality. The country’s coffee sector has seen continuous growth, thanks to improved infrastructure and increased attention to specialty coffee production. As a result, Nicaraguan coffee has gained recognition in international markets, attracting coffee enthusiasts seeking unique and delicious brews.

This beautiful coffee has notes of Orange, caramel and marmalade

250g – $21 / 500g – $35 / 1kg – $51

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Over a lengthy 3-year process, we designed and perfected a new way to roast coffee. We fully develop the coffee while keeping the roast before first crack. The chemical reactions that normally occur later in the roast cycle, we have been able to stimulate earlier while keeping the roast prolife very light.This coffee will age incredibly well and we have age tested coffee up to 2 years old with exceptional results. We have a passion for coffee and love sharing it with you.